Laser Domination

Do you have a large field or Athletic Arena that would be perfect for a Laser Tag game? Try our Laser Domination. Laser Domination is a Paint Ball Style Laser Tag. The Laser Domination system comes with headband sensors, that are lightweight and easy to wear and a giant field of inflatable bunker that provides you with tons of places to hide & take cover! Know its going to be a Hot Day?Ask how we can convert our Laser Domination into a Water Tag Event!

Declare all out laser war on your opponents at your next event! We have a game setup for you that we can customize to fit into just about any open space. Our Laser Domination laser tag works like a paint ball game without the mess! The goal is to tag your rivals into a light and laser oblivion by aiming your laser pistol at them, all while you avoid being tagged yourself by taking cover behind one of our many inflatable, tactical barriers. Our Laser Domination laser tag is also remarkably versatile. Players can choose any number of games to play from Open Warfare to Capture the Flag, making this attraction extremely adaptable. Great for high school post-graduation parties or college freshmen orientation, Laser Domination laser tag is a perfect way for players interact with one another and have a blast! Laser domination is also a great exercise for corporate team-builder events. Choose from 8 player, 16 player and even 32 player options! Laser Domination includes laser pistols, light-weight and easy to wear headbands with laser sensors, our inflatable paint ball or tactical barriers, our rockin’ sound system and motion party lights. We offer our Laser Domination rental in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. We travel all over the northeast including New York and New Jersey. Be sure to ask about our Spooky Domination and Black Light Laser tag rentals as well!

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