The A-Z's of Contract Event Requirements

So you have booked your event and it's coming up soon, what now? No matter what the event you've booked, Be it  a Casino Party, Theme Night, Inflatable Carnival Day, Performer or other event, be sure to review the contract thoroughly. We know it's a lot to read through, but there is important information included such as power requirements, load-in requirements, surface type (and whether surface allows for staking or sandbags), information for onsite contacts, information regarding  volunteers or other details that will assist in making your event run as smoothly as possible.  Did we lose you already?? Don't worry; we'll break it down for you!

Power: Mostly everything these days requires power. Inflatables, amusements and large equipment typically require (1)20 amp circuit or more.  So, each outlet is considered its own circuit right? No, not necessarily. Each outlet may not be on an individual circuit, meaning several outlets are probably connected to the same circuit. Circuits vary in amperage so it's always best to check with your maintenance or facilities departments to verify this information.  When planning your event layout you should also keep in mind that each piece of equipment cannot be further than 100 feet  from your power source, so that the event company is able to run their cords to the power source. Government standards, Ride manuals and equipment specifications prohibit any distance longer than 100 feet.  But wait a minute!! My event is on a field with no access to power?!?! No worries! Most companies usually can provide generators.

Drive up access: Event and Party Rental companies would prefer that their load-in/load-out area is within 100 feet. of the event site location. Longer distances could result in delayed or impossible setup.  Many pieces of equipment such as inflatable rides are excessively heavy and cannot be moved long distances by event staff.  Yes, we do provide Magicians for events, but even Houdini wouldn't be able to move a Rock Wall to your athletic field that is 3 miles down the road without a vehicle! If the distance from the event site is greater than 100 ft, please be sure to let the event company know in advance so that they can provide additional staff, equipment and/or adjust arrival times.

Load In: When your event is indoors, please be sure to review any listed operational area requirements to ensure that all equipment can fit through required entrances and will be able to be moved the entire way to the event site location; double doors with the poles removed (often opening into a gymnasium or large common area) are usually required for many inflatables and large equipment.  Another thing to keep in mind is that inflatables and larger equipment (photo booths, table games or arcade games) must be rolled the entire way to event location.  Therefore, please make sure that stair access is not the only way of getting oversized equipment to upper levels when you book your venue and that any elevators needed to access the event location are large enough to accommodate the equipment (this may be a standard elevator size, or may require freight elevator access).

Stakes & Sandbags: When inflatable rides and games are set up, especially outdoors, state and federal laws require that they be tethered down for safety. Usually this is done by using stakes that are 18 in. - 40 in. in length, depending on the equipment that has been booked. Make sure you contact your facilities department or Dig Safe to insure that there are no underground utilities or sprinklers in area.  Oh no! My event is being held indoors or a parking lot,  am I not able to have inflatables because you need to stake into the ground?!?!? Not true, it is possible to substitute sandbags for shorter stakes or cement blocks for larger ones depending on the equipment.  Be sure to let your event company know these details well in advance of the event day.

Contact info: Please be sure to provide an on-site contact and cell number for the day of the event.  This should be someone who will be present at the event and who can assist our staff in locating the event site if necessary, as well as be available during and immediately after the event. If the on-site contact is not available before, during, or after an event there may be delays regarding equipment set up and event start times.

Volunteers: Providing volunteers is a great way to save money on your event. Make sure you review the contract to know how many volunteers are required and pick appropriate people for the job at hand. You will want volunteers who will do what is required and will not be distracted. Being distracted or wandering away may disrupt your event. Try to keep the same volunteers doing the same duties for the duration of the event.  What happens if no one is signing up to be a volunteer because they want to have fun at the event too? Well yes we know our equipment is so fun and awesome that no one would be able to restrain themselves from participating!! So why not sign up 2 volunteers per task to take shifts. If you are going to switch off make sure that the shifts are in 2 hour increments and be sure that the volunteers get the correct training from event staff not the previous volunteers.

Weather: When planning your event try to keep in mind an alternate plan for weather conditions.  Unfortunately we have not been able to choreograph the correct rain dance to ensure that each event is 75 degrees and sunny with no wind. An indoor location is best but most companies will be able to accommodate a rain date if needed. You may also be able to choose alternate equipment that will fit into your inclement weather site. Yikes! Today is Monday and the 10 day forecast is calling for 20% chance of rain next Wednesday!!  Do I need to change my event now?!?!? The answer to this question is a huge NO!! Do not drive yourself crazy checking every forecast out there 10 days before your event. The forecast is known to change frequently so it's best to check 2-3 days in advance. Please also be aware of the wind forecast. If booking inflatable's please keep in mind that most inflatable's cannot operate in winds over 15mph. Winds over 15mph can create unsafe situations for your event guests.  Always check your event contract to see the company's specific rain policy and plan accordingly.

While contracts are usually associated with formalities they can also be helpful when planning your event. If you take the time to review the event requirements planning events will be a breeze and you will be a pro in no time!! As always the office staff is always there to help you if you have any questions or concerns about your event. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

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