Top Six Questions to Ask When Choosing a Party Rental or Amusement Rental Company

Are your rides insured and for how much?

Be sure to ask this question! Most states require that a company carries at least a 1 million dollar liability policy. Ask for a copy of the policy and it’s always a good idea to ask to be listed as additionally insured. If the answer to this question is no than run don’t walk!

Will your staff Stay On Site?

Certain rides such as Mechanical Bulls, Rock Walls, Mechanical Rides, Bungee Trampolines, larger inflatables etc must be staffed by a professionally trained staff person. Other units such as smaller inflatables can be run by volunteers but make sure they are fully trained by your rental companies staff. Also make sure that there is a person from the rental company staying on site to supervise the volunteers.

How are your Staff Trained?

Make sure you use a company with well trained staff! Unfortunately we’ve all seen the news articles with an inflatable flying through the air. This was likely  the result  of improper training. Ask what safety and training groups the company you are talking to belongs to.  These include but are not limited to the OABA (Outdoor Amusement Business Association), NARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials), ROAR (Responsible Operators of Amusement Rentals), AIMS (Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers, International) and EPA (Event Planners Association). Proper training can drastically improve the safety and fun of your event.

Are you Licensed in the state?

Ask if the rental or amusement company you are considering is licensed to provide inflatables and amusements in your state (if the state requires it). Ask for a copy of the license. Massachusetts has one of the strictest license requirements in the northeast.  There are many companies that “border jump” and are not licensed. We have even run into some companies that are physically located within the state that aren’t licensed. This is a huge indicator of the safety and professionalism of the company.

Do you do background checks on your staff?

The last thing you want is to bring people onto your site with a unsavory past! Make sure the company you choose does background checks on all their employees. Massachusetts requires this by law.

How long have you been in business?

Make sure the company has the experience to do the job. There are many companies that pop up overnight and disappear just as fast.  If a company has a long track record you are much more likely to have a good experience with that company.