Who doesn't love a good DIY program?
We sure do! Let us take all of the guesswork away for you with our Shipped To You Novelty Programs for you. 

We offer a number of "out of the box do-it-yourself events", add these to your large outdoor event, or keep them for a rainy day indoor event!  We will ship you everything you need for these crafty give-away favors so you can run the entire event yourselves!

Create your own Zen Garden indulge in edible sand art (Sandy Candy), Stuff & Build a bear, lion or tiger, oh my!
Go green with Lucky Bamboo or create a mini terrarium with our Garden Globe novelty craft sets. Offer a Lava Bead Bracelet making event.  We have something for everyone - view our selection!

Your complete DIY Novelty Kit will include practically everything you could need to run a successful event!
Don't see a program you'd like to run as a DIY here? Just ask! Many can be customized to suit your needs!