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Spin Art Frisbees

Let your creativity take flight…literally!

Spin Art Frisbees are fun to design and play with at any age. The best part is, every single Frisbee is unique. Why? Because YOU create your own! Just squirt on the colors and spin away.

How do Spin Art Frisbees work? Simple. We put the 9 inch Frisbee in the spinning machine and while it whirls around at top speed, your guests will drop in the paint, from one color to several, creating their own crazy and awesome work of art.

Once they dry, then toss them around with your dog or friends, play catch, or ultimate Frisbee and watch the colors whirl!

Spin art Frisbees come with up to 300 frisbees, 10 different colors of paint, two spinning stations and two dryers.

They not only look great but they accommodate up to 300 people in a four hour event.

Spin Art Frisbee rentals are great for schools, colleges, outdoor or summer events.

Be sure and ask about our black light spin art Frisbees, too!

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