• Giant Snakes & Ladders
    Giant Snakes & Ladders
  • Human Entanglement
    Human Entanglement
  • Giant Chess
    Giant Chess
  • Up 4 It
    Up 4 It
  • Giant Dominoes
    Giant Dominoes
  • Giant Surgery
    Giant Surgery
  • Giant Ludo
    Giant Ludo
  • High Tower
    High Tower

Giant Game Package

Go back in time to remember how much fun it is to be a kid again! Our Giant Game Package will provide hours of fun while your guests will play with; 4 Giant Jengas, 4 Super Connect 4s, Inflatable Twister, 4 Sets of Colossal Dominoes, Giant Operation, 2 Giant Chess Boards, 2 Snakes and Ladders, 6 Decks of Mega Cards, 2 Giant Checker Boards, 2 Giant Troubles, and a Super Crossword Puzzle! Along with these great games the package also includes Background Music, 200 Balloons and Helium, 144 packages of Giant Smarties and 144 Super Tootsie Pops!

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