Looking for a novelty performer for your next party or event? Look no further. We have some of the greatest novelty stage performers in the country, never mind the East Coast. Let one of our Hypnotists turn your friends and coworkers into part of the show, as they fall under our performer’s hypnotic spell.

They will be acting out some of the most hilarious situations with no idea they have been hypnotized! You will be rolling in the aisles.

Our magicians will astound you with their sleight of hand and powers of illusion. Watch and laugh as they perform astounding feats of magic with a comic twist.

Our Mentalists will blow your mind! They always know what you are thinking. They will read your mind with ease with feats of mental prowlness.

New York or Boston street performers are always a great addition to a carnival, street fair, school field day, company outing, sales meeting or trade show traffic builder. We have roving magicians, jugglers, mimes, balloon artists, daredevils and more.